Hey, Dutch friends and Fans! They're playing my song!

Here's a list of the stations in The Netherlands playing tracks from "Be Many Gone' and also a list of publications who have been kind enough to review the record.  I'm very pleased to say the record is going over GREAT in one of my favorite countries.  Please have a look, listen, make a song request, comment, share - all that good social stuff. And we'll be there playing shows in September.  Dank u, vrienden!

Radio Stations & Shows: 

Delta FM “Puur” roots show 

Muziek en toch on 

Radio Enkhuizen 107.1 FM 

Radio Lelystad Cable 91.1 

Omroep Venlo “Red Rooster: 

Nostaligenet Radio 

Landslide 755 on 
www.rtvpurmerend.nl/audio.php (103.3/104.9) 
www.lokaleomroeplandsmeer.nl/webradio.html (103.3/105.7) 
www.rootsparadise.com(radio on command) 

Blueprint Radio 
On Demand:  www.rootsparadise.com 
Streaming: www.rtv-parkstad.nl 

Interviews on Omrop Fryslan 
Radio Rijnmond - LIve performance scheduled in Rotterdam 
Goodnoise Radio 

Hats Off 
On air: RTV NOF www.rtvnof.nl 
Internet: Rootsparadise www.rootsparadise.com 

GREAT Magazine Reviews!: 

Gitar Plus Magazine - Upcoming interview and feature 

Jazzism Magazine, NL 

Heaven Magazine, NL 

Rootstime (Belgium) 

AltCountryForum, NL 

Kindamuzik, NL 

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