Man! It's been a while.  I have so much to tell you.  But I'm on my way out to see a great band. So it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Meet you back here?

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Well, of COURSE I made a musical out of my book! Europe, here I come. 

It's about time I headed back to Europe, wouldn't you say? Rich Gilbert, Scott Icenogle, Todd Jewell and I will be flitting around The Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy the last two weeks in May. We'll be playing a mix of Eileen Rose & The Holy Wreck shows and a few Silver Threads tradition country shows too. And, excited to say, hot off the presses, we'll be performing, for the first time ever, brand new songs from the Natasha The Party Crasher audio book! This record is a lot of fun--for kids AND adults. We'll be selling it on the road but it won't be available for general sale or download until June.

Natasha is alive! 

It's been a long and involved project but it's finally completed and ready for you!  Well the book part is.  I've written a children's book called Natasha The Party Crasher.  It's beautifully and elaborately illustrated by a wonderful artist from Dublin, Michael Murray.  I'm working on an audio book and accompanying musical CD of 10 new songs.  I hope to make that available in a couple of months. Natasha the book is available right HERE, on Amazon.

"Like the late-great children’s book author Shel Silverstein, Eileen Rose Giadone is also a gifted songwriter.  An internationally-acclaimed musician and lyricist, her exquisite talent is evident in every line of Natasha the Party Crasher. She also knows how to keep young readers engaged and turning the pages, and her delightful rhymes and vividly boisterous imagery pay a wonderful homage to Dr. Seuss." - Tom Kerr

The Second book in The Habit Fix Series 

Guess what? My second book in The Habit Fix series is published and available on Amazon. It's called The Habit Fix 2 Quickstep.  It's a bit more personal, a little punchier and more focused on quick, go-to habits that will make an immediate difference in your life. You can get it here!

October 2014
Many thanks to NO DEPRESSION for the rave review of 'Be Many Gone'!

October 2014 - Part two
Woah! Thanks Gitaar Magazine for putting me on the cover this month! It's an honor.

July 2014

Excited to announce that 'Be Many Gone' will see it's US release on Holy Wreckords ,with distribution through E1, on September 30th!  We'll be booking some US shows soon. You'll find all the info on the 'Shows' page.  Wish us luck!

June 2014 - Part Two
Hey, Dutch friends and Fans!  They're playing my song!  Here's a list of the stations in The Netherlands playing tracks from "Be Many Gone' and also a list of publications who have been kind enough to review the record.  I'm very pleased to say the record is going over GREAT in one of my favorite countries.  Please have a look, listen, make a song request, comment, share - all that good social stuff. And we'll be there playing shows in September.  Dank u, vrienden!

Radio Stations & Shows:

Delta FM “Puur” roots show

Muziek en toch on

Radio Enkhuizen 107.1 FM

Radio Lelystad Cable 91.1

Omroep Venlo “Red Rooster:

Nostaligenet Radio

Landslide 755 on (103.3/104.9) (103.3/105.7) on command)

Blueprint Radio
On Demand:

Interviews on Omrop Fryslan
Radio Rijnmond - LIve performance scheduled in Rotterdam
Goodnoise Radio

Hats Off
On air: RTV NOF
Internet: Rootsparadise

GREAT Magazine Reviews!:

Gitar Plus Magazine - Upcoming interview and feature

Jazzism Magazine, NL

Heaven Magazine, NL

Rootstime (Belgium)

AltCountryForum, NL

Kindamuzik, NL

June 2014
Hey folks!  The last couple weeks saw the release of 'Be Many Gone' throughout the whole of Europe!  Pretty proud of that.  We're busy putting together European tour details for September.  We'll be The Netherlands and Germany for certain - not sure where else yet - but I'll be posting those dates in a week or so.  The record is gathering lots of GREAT reviews in The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.  I'll post them over on the press page, if you want to have a look.  In the meantime, I want to say thank you to HomeDefence UK for this reflective piece on my career, with particular focus on Long Shot Novena.  Great writing and I appreciate being the subject.  More tour details and reviews about to posted.  Thanks for stopping by, friends!

May 2014
Happy Spring.  It's certainly been a gorgeous one here in Nashville.  I continue to be pleased and humbled by the great reaction the 'Be Many Gone is getting. Thank you all so much.  And guess what? I'm excited to say, you'll be seeing me, LRG and ole Nicky Boy in Europe this September.  We'll be playing songs from 'Be Many Gone', of course, and a handful of new ones I'm working on.  (Isn't that just like me?  Why can't I stick to the plot?)   I've posted some new TOUR DATES in The Netherlands and Germany (more details and dates coming soon).  We'll be in a couple other countries too. I've got a couple UK shows on hold but, unless a few more can be worked into the schedule, I may have to skip old Blighty this time around. Sorry folks, you know I love you and it's my second home, but touring is expensive business. Hit me up
The Silver Threads, we've just recorded a TWO record set, Nashville I and Nashville II.  I'll be putting those in the store very soon!  Take care, friends, and stay in touch! I love to hear from you!

April 2014
Hey, I'm in REUTERS!  An interview feature piece going out all over world.  Thanks REUTERS! And thanks to photographer Sam Donato for the nice photo.  

Click to read: Eileen in Reuters

FEBRUARY 16, 2014

Marverick Magazine on 'Be Many Gone' - 4***  "A real one-off voice...amazingly varied but quality songs". 
Thank you Maverick!

JANUARY 22, 2014
The Press Association on  'Be Many Gone' - "AN ABSOLUTE BELTER".   Thanks PA!

With a long and illustrious musical pedigree, the Americana-influenced
Be Many Gone ranks among Eileen-Rose Giadone's best work. The
Boston-born singer, who moved to the UK from America in 1991, was
involved with short-lived bands Daisy Chain and Fledgling before
branching out on her own, where she came to the attention of Geoff
Travis, then owner of Rough Trade Records, resulting in her first two
solo albums being released on his label to critical acclaim. Having
returned to the US in 2003, she relocated to Nashville and continued to
turn out strong albums, with songs incorporating blues, folk and country
influences. Opening track Queen Of The Fake Smile is an absolute belter
while Space You Needed is touching and beautifully sung. Rose proves
throughout these nine tracks that she has quite a way with lyrics, with
most of the songs about matters of the heart.   (- Kim Mayo)

JANUARY 13, 2014
Check out the 4 star review of 'Be Many Gone' in the February issue of R2 Magazine! Thanks RocknReel!

JANUARY 6, 2014

Thanks to the folks at TMZ for running this clip of Eileen and Chip Hansen (from the show Nashville) singing an old Hank Williams tune together in Nashville! 

Here's a short clip.  And check out the full story on TMZ!


Welcome to the new web page for singer/songrwiter, Eileen Rose.  Our first bit of news - we are very excited to announce the launch of HOLY WRECKORDS, a brand new label owned and operated by Eileen Rose & The Legendary Rich Gilbert.  They've just signed a deal with the wonderful folks at CADIZ MUSIC for worlwide distribution.  The first release on Holy Wreckords will be Eileen's new album, 'BE MANY GONE', official release date January 27th!  Much of Eileen's extensive back catalog will also be avaible through Holy Wreckords along with Rich Gilbert's catalog and albums from their Nashville Honky Tonk project, The Silver Threads. You can  listen, order CDs or buy downloads right here in our brand new STORE.

We're also thrilled to be working with the mighty Frontier Promotions who were instrumental in breaking artists like Alison  Krauss, Eva Cassidy, Susan Tedeschi, Joe Bonomassa and many others...  There will be upcoming features in ACOUSTIC MAGAZINE and R2 (ROCK and REEL).  We'll post the links here.

We'll also be posting tour dates and more upcoming intervews and reviews of BE MANY GONE.  Have an early listen to the first track, "Queen Of The Fake Smile"  and let us know what you think in the comments section. Check out the blog for some personal messages, new songs, photos and videos from Eileen.  Join the mailing list to be get all the news, tour schedules and updates to this web page.  And of course, the store is open!

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