Natasha The Party Crasher

Natasha is smart, hilarious, spontaneous, and adorable – even as she tests the patience of grownups and rebels against anyone who tries to rain on her parade or make her act “normal.” When her whole group of friends suddenly turns against her, Natasha is crushed, saddened, and confused. But she bounces back by hatching a scheme to crash the boring little party those mean girls have planned. Soon Natasha transforms the whole town square into a wild carnival of craziness and colorful chaos. 

Natasha the Party Crasher Natasha the Party Crasher is a character every child loves and identifies with, but rarely finds in children’s books. She has all the energetic mischief, imaginative curiosity, and sensitive insecurity that brings her to life in a realistic way and makes her a heartfelt heroine. Author Eileen Rose Giadone Like the late-great children’s book author Shel Silverstein, Eileen Rose Giadone is also a gifted songwriter. An internationally-acclaimed musician and lyricist, her exquisite talent is evident in every line of Natasha the Party Crasher. She also knows how to keep young readers engaged and turning the pages, and her delightful rhymes and vividly boisterous imagery pay a wonderful homage to Dr. Seuss.

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The Habit Fix

"Radically different self-improvement book “The Habit Fix” debunks unrealistic self-help schemes with a proven 7-point plan for positive life transformation" 

Change your habits, change your life. 

Amazon Best Seller, The Habit Fix, is the first in a series by Eileen Rose Giadone. The author, a world-renowned songwriter and musician, shows how to permanently abandon unhealthy habits by replacing them with behaviors readers will love to indulge in even more. 
A no-nonsense, seven step, guide to self-improvement, good health, confidence and happiness using the power of habit. 

If you’re ready to leave behind old patterns that have been weighing you down but don’t know where to begin, The Habit Fix has a big, bright arrow that points to “Start Here”. 

Part motivation, part road map, this book will take you there. 

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The Habit Fix 2: Quickstep

The Habit Fix 2: Quickstep is the second book in the best selling Habit Fix series. It’s a no-nonsense guide to using the power of habit to promote a healthy lifestyle, improved self-esteem, confidence and happiness with 8 go-to habits for your new healthy lifestyle. 

If you’re ready to leave behind old habits that have been weighing you down but don’t know where to begin, The Habit Fix 2 has a big, bright arrow that points to “START HERE”. 

If you’re serious about swapping a lifetime of unhealthy habits for good, healthy habits but can’t see a clear path through, The Habit Fix 2 will guide you. 

Ideas That Work, Put to Immediate Practice 

This is a practical guide with specific, credible information for habit building that can be put to use right now. It’s not filled with theories, poetry and feel-good platitudes. It has real, proven tactics for building healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle now with direct links to trustworthy, self-improvement techniques. These are tactics that are actually effective and not just marketed effectively. Start with 8 new habits and build on them. Or pick up where you left off with The Habit Fix original book. Your new healthy lifestyle is possible.

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