Happy Spring. It's certainly been a gorgeous one here in Nashville.

I continue to be pleased and humbled by the great reaction the 'Be Many Gone is getting. Thank you all so much.  And guess what? I'm excited to say, you'll be seeing me, LRG and ole Nicky Boy in Europe this September.  We'll be playing songs from 'Be Many Gone', of course, and a handful of new ones I'm working on.  (Isn't that just like me?  Why can't I stick to the plot?)   I've posted some new TOUR DATES in The Netherlands and Germany (more details and dates coming soon).  We'll be in a couple other countries too. I've got a couple UK shows on hold but, unless a few more can be worked into the schedule, I may have to skip old Blighty this time around. Sorry folks, you know I love you and it's my second home, but touring is expensive business. Hit me up 
The Silver Threads, we've just recorded a TWO record set, Nashville I and Nashville II.  I'll be putting those in the store very soon!  Take care, friends, and stay in touch! I love to hear from you!

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